Why blog?

Enuresis — wetting the bed — has been part of my life, on and off, since I was a teenager. It’s private; I don’t discuss it with friends. But a blog lets me write about it privately in public, so to speak. Maybe what I have to say will help somebody cope.

It doesn’t interfere with normal life. I have a great husband and great kids. I have a successful career in a demanding profession. I have honors college and graduate degrees from top universities.  I have great friends. I travel the world.

It is just not a big deal. It is embarrassing. It requires extra space in a suitcase. But it doesn’t mean anything about maturity or intelligence.

How many of life’s problems can be solved by tossing something in the trash?


3 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. I have read and re read your blog and can honestly say that your honesty about this problem is refreshing.

    I suffered from primary enuresis until about the age of 12 as did my siblings and upwards to 80% of your blog could have been written by me. My kids also are all bedwetters. I too occasionally will also wet the bed but that depends on having to many caffeinated drinks along with a host of other triggers. It requires me to keep track of what I do in the course of a day.

    Growing up my parents like yours made no issue of the bedwetting and because cloth diapers were used on all of us through training it was logical that mom continued them with our bedwetting. I fully appreciate what it is like to sleep with a pillow between your legs, the embarrassment of bedwetting along with the pins and plastic panty. As we got older we to would work on folding the diapers differently so as to make them more comfortable and as I was getting out of diapers it seems you were getting into them.

    Today in our house we used disposables until about 2 years ago and I switched them to Super Undies. Really like them and they have a great range of sizes. I also have a pair which you can order, take your size according too the chart and call them, they are great in helping.

    • Thank you, Sheryl. I’m glad we connected. You’ve prompted some thoughts for additional posts.

      And thanks for the suggestion of washable pants. For my kids that are dry most nights, they would an alternative to a pullup (which gets thrown out dry on the dry mornings) or to a wet bed and laundering sheets and pjs (on the wet mornings). They look more comfortable (and a lot less humiliating) than our old cloth diapers and plastic pants. I’ll have a look and discuss it with my kids.

  2. I am a bedwetter although for a different reason. I wear a cloth pant and use toddler diapers as stuffers with a Gary Active Wear Pant over it.all. I don’t wet every night but this has kept the bed dry for me. I have a dozen pair of cloth pants and one Gary Wear pant that I have worn for over a year and it still looks like new. Gary pant is breathable also which makes it a lot cooler. I am 62 and agree with everything you say in your blog.

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