Causes and Cures

Take heart: Just because I wet the bed at 30-something (and probably will wet the bed all my life) doesn’t mean you are doomed to a life of Depends and wet sheets. Time is likely to cure your condition, even if it won’t cure mine.

Almost everybody outgrows bedwetting. Some of my brothers and sisters wet the bed until high school, but their bladders eventually matured.

I won’t outgrow it. I have an otherwise asymptomatic brain condition that is likely the cause.


2 thoughts on “Causes and Cures

  1. I’m sorry you will never outgrow it. I have a short urethra and OAB. As a result, I am in pull ups all day and diapers at night so I get it. It’s so humiliating.

    • I don’t find it humiliating, although I certainly understand why one might. It’s such a badge of infancy that it is hard to address dispassionately.

      I was mortified when I started wetting as a teenager. But I quickly realized that I wasn’t an infant and that it was easy to deal with.

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