Live a normal life

Don’t let bedwetting interfere with any childhood, teen, college or adult activity. Childhood is too precious and short, and adolescence and teenages are too wonderful (and stressful), to miss the good things.

My siblings and I went to camp, to sleepovers and on class trips. My kids do, too. We all played travel sports.

It’s easy to stuff the bottom of a sleeping bag with a disposable (of any size or capacity) and a gallon Ziploc bag with a wet wipe inside. It’s easy to discreetly put on the disposable after lights-out, and put it in the Ziploc (and wipe off) in the morning.

College may seem daunting. But I found it easy to handle my bedwetting, even though I had roommates who didn’t know I wet the bed. But that’s a story for later.

Things get complicated when dating becomes a part of “normal life”, but bedwetting doesn’t have to interfere with that, either. It certainly didn’t inhibit my social life.

Mom (and Dad) raised us as devout, relatively conservative mainline Christians. I didn’t hop in the sack with guys, so my bedwetting didn’t affect my pre-marital sex life. But that’s a story for later, too. If it does inhibit yours, maybe it is good to delay sleeping with someone until you know whether he will care enough about you that it doesn’t matter.

Parents shouldn’t let it interfere with their normal life, either. Kids should take care of their own wet things: Laundering wet sheets and pajamas, disposing of disposables and taking care of hygiene.


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