Really. Bedwetting is not a big deal. Really.

It should not be a big deal for a seven-year-old. It should not be a big deal for a teenager. It should not even be a big deal for a college student or an adult. It may seem like the end of the world to a child or teenager, but bedwetting is not a big deal.

Enuresis (wetting the bed) is a symptom, not a disease. It may be the symptom of a real problem. See a doctor right away if a child starts wetting the bed after being dry (secondary enuresis). Watch for other symptoms of a real issue.

If 6-year-old (or older) is still wetting the bed (primary enuresis), there’s no need for a special visit to the doctor. Just mention it at his or her annual checkup. But don’t expect your doctor to be concerned.

Even if it’s a symptom of a real problem, bedwetting itself is not a big deal.

Trust me: I’ve been a teenage bedwetter, a college bedwetter and now I’m a 30-something bedwetting mom. The cause of my bedwetting is a big deal (not that I can do anything about it), but my bedwetting is not a big deal.

Really. How many of life’s problems can be solved by dropping something in the trash in the morning?

I wet the bed as a teenager after having been dry since toddling. Mom found me in the middle of the night, standing in front of the linen closet, soaking wet, cold, miserable and humiliated. She calmly, and with firm, compassionate humor, sent me to a warm shower, gave me dry pajamas and helped me change my sheets. Then she tucked me in and we both went back to sleep.

Only when I wet the bed a second time did she schedule an appointment with the doctor. And even then – and for all the hundreds of times thereafter – she was calm and compassionate. She would not let it become a big deal.

Getting worked up would only have reinforced my anxiety, fear and shame — which would have made the bedwetting worse. Because bedwetting is not a big deal. Really.


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