Taking responsibility

Mom had one inflexible rule: Everyone is responsible for his own mess.

I had to change my own sheets and put my wet things in the washer. When I wore a disposable, I had to put it in a Ziploc and in the trash. So did each of the other kids. Just as with the need to wear protection, nobody ever questioned that.

Mom didn’t tolerate wet laundry anywhere but in the washer. She didn’t tolerate a wet disposable anywhere but in a Ziploc, in the trash.

She would run the washer and dryer, but we had to get the wet things to the washer. We had to fold and put away our clean things. Even though the house was full of bedwetters, none of our rooms smelled of it.

We also had responsibility for our hygiene. Change as soon as possible, wash thoroughly and put on barrier cream. I don’t remember anyone getting even a serious irritation, let alone a rash.

I don’t know at what age Mom expected the kids to take responsibility, but it was certainly before starting kindergarten.


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