Things that help, and things that don’t

Mom tried just about everything with us. Some things worked, and some didn’t. Based on her experience and mine:

Things that may help:

  1. Urinate a half-hour before bed, and again right before going to bed. It probably didn’t reduce the chance of wetting (in fact, it seems to increase it for me), but it does reduce the volume and the chance of flooding.
  2. Bedwetting alarm. Our pediatrician says that an alarm with a wetness sensor that sets it off when the child wets trains some bedwetters to wake up before wetting. It didn’t help me, or my siblings or my oldest child.

Things that didn’t help:

  1. Limiting water before bed. Don’t drink tea or coffee (which are diuretics), but do drink water. The body uses lots of water to flush its wastes at night. You can do serious damage by limiting water.
  2. Waking the child up in the middle of the night. Mom considered an uninterrupted night’s sleep more important than a dry bed, and so do I.

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