I no longer wet the bed regularly when I started college. I wet once or twice every few months, but it was rare enough that I didn’t mention it on the college health and housing questionnaire.

My family doctor warned me before I left for college that stress and change might trigger a relapse, so at first I wore a disposable at night. I was dry for the first semester, so I stopped wearing after Christmas.

I wet my bed a few times over the next two years. I wasn’t concerned. It wasn’t very heavy, and I was able to deal with it — change sheets and nightgown and get the wet things into the dorm washer — without waking my roommate, and before the room smelled.

In my third year, I wet the bed twice in a week. The next week, I wet three times. The repeated laundry (and disrupted sleep) were getting on my nerves, and I was afraid that I was eventually going to wake my roommate. I was frustrated that the problem had returned after so many years.

I went to the student health service. The doctor was useless, but the nurses were terrific. They were sympathetic, provided me with disposables and arranged for me to see a urologist and a neurologist.

Once again, the doctors were unable to find a cause. My bedwetting became more frequent, until it was virtually every night. It also became heavier. Eventually, the frustration gave way to resignation, but I knew that I could cope with it.

And so it has continued, to the present day.


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