College: Coping

Even though I didn’t wet the bed regularly when I started college, I took some precautions.

I put a plastic cover over my dorm mattress. I would have put on the cover even if I didn’t wet the bed. My roommate took one look at her mattress and bought a cover, too. Clearly, I wasn’t the only college girl who wet the bed.

When I started to wet the bed again in my third year, student health service was a godsend. The nurses kept a supply of disposables so that I didn’t need to keep a large supply in my room; I could pick them up at SHS as needed.

As my wetting got heavier, the SHS disposables proved to be inadequate. I was afraid I was going to have to go back to cloth, which would have been a lot of trouble in a dorm with roommates. But the nurse did some research in the medical supply catalogs. She found Molicare disposables, which handled my worst. SHS ordered and stocked them for me (and for at least one other heavy-wetting student).

I had no trouble keeping the secret from my roommates. I changed in a shower stall. I carried everything — disposable, wipes, Ziplocs, Desitin, nightgown, washcloth, towel, makeup, toilet kit — back and forth in a big canvas bag. I wore a stretch cotton panty to deaden the plastic swishing sound and keep me from an unnaturally large butt. I wore a baggy flannel nightgown that concealed what I was wearing underneath.

The gallon Ziploc bag is one of the great inventions of the 20th century. It holds a wet disposable and seals up the odor until you can discreetly dump it in the trash.

None of my college roommates knew that I wet the bed, even when I was wetting every night.


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