College: Doctors

I went to student health services when I started wetting the bed again in college.

The SHS doctor was completely useless and unprofessional. He didn’t bother to examine me. He didn’t bother to take a proper history, even though I told him that I had been a chronic bedwetter as a teenager, and had been extensively tested and examined by urologists, neurologists and endocrinologists. I even used the mystical phrase, “secondary enuresis”.

He didn’t ask me the obvious questions that my family doctor had asked and he didn’t ask about the tests that I had as a teenager. Nor did he order any tests for diabetes or other potential causes.

He told me that college bedwetting was psychological and that I should see a shrink. I told him that I didn’t need a shrink — I was happy with my life, getting straight A’s, and ahead on all my classes. I had lots of friends and an active and satisfying social and love life. I wasn’t stressed or anxious about anything.

He didn’t pay any attention. He wrote me a prescription for one of the drugs that had been ineffective for me as a teenager. He also wrote me an authorization for sessions with a psychiatrist.

I left the exam room and tore up the prescription and the psychiatrist authorization.

One of the nurses saw how upset I was. She took me into an exam room. When I told her what was upsetting me, she laughed — She had assumed that I had just been told I was pregnant.

She told me that I was not the only student who wet the bed. If I had noted it on my freshman questionnaire, the college would have offered me my own room or a bedwetting roommate. She could arrange a change in my rooming and could provide me with briefs (she didn’t use the d-word).

I didn’t want to change my rooming. I told the nurse that it wasn’t going to be a problem. I had practice discreetly changing during my first semester and when I had to deal with an occasional wet bed. But I would definitely take the briefs.

The nurse also arranged for me to see a urologist, who was everything the SHS doctor was not. We had a long conversation, and he consulted with my family doctor and the specialists I had seen as a teenager. He did the urological tests on me, but I did not want to endure all the testing that I had as a teenager.


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