My Family 2

I didn’t do the posts I promised in my last post. That turned out to be a good thing. My family was together again for the Fourth of July. Now there is a lot more to write about.

At Easter, I showed Mom this blog. With about 30 people (most of them kids) in the house, we didn’t have a chance to discuss it. At her urging, I also told my sisters.

Mom thought about it between Easter and the Fourth. She’s not techie (she doesn’t even have an email account), but she managed to read and re-read the blog.

She sat down with me for long talks over the Fourth weekend: She liked the blog, but thought I idealized some things (particularly her and her approach to things) and had not noticed, or not remembered or glossed over many other things.

My sisters didn’t say anything in the weeks after Easter. I thought that they might have forgotten about it, but they were both waiting until the Fourth. Although they hadn’t talked to me about it, they had talked to each other.

Nobody suggested that I tell my brothers or my dad. Some things a girl can discuss with her mother or her sister, but she’d die if her dad or little brother knew. But somehow my brothers found out.


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