Excellent blog post (and comments)

Every parent of a bedwetter should read this post by Gabrielle at DesignMom – and the comments (over 150 so far).

The money shot:

Yep. I wet the bed until middle school. And had a few memorable “accidents” into high school and beyond. As a child, of course I was painfully embarrassed about it, but as an adult it’s basically the least traumatic thing in the world. Outside of parenting conversations, I never give it a second thought.

Right. Let me repeat that: As an adult, having wet the bed until middle school – and even into high school – is basically the least traumatic thing in the world. I never give it a second thought.

The comments (over 150 so far) are intelligent, compassionate and good humored. Most are from mothers who themselves wet the bed until a relatively late age, or who have children who are wetting the bed at a relatively late age.

I have a few observations based on the comments, which I plan to post over the next few days.


2 thoughts on “Excellent blog post (and comments)

  1. Hi, I’m sure you are getting sick of me commenting but could you please answer this question. I just got engaged, I just turned 20 now and we plan to marry once we both graduate. which is is about a year and a half. An autistic woman marrying, man I am defying the odds! I’m proud of myself for all I have overcome and accomplished. Anyways from reading your blog, I see your kids don’t know about your bedwetting problem, which I agree with not telling if me and my fiance decide to have kids. Haha we aren’t planning 100% that far ahead (as most engaged couples don’t), but when this topic does come up (more likely than not it will) how do I approach it. He is fully aware of my problem and the reasons behind it. He was a bedwetter until 7th grade and our potential children will likely wet the bed too. He is for telling them that I wet the bed, but I don’t think they need to know that since who knows if they will tell (they’re kids for crying out loud of course they will) and I don’t need others knowing about my private issues. I don’t flaunt wearing a diaper, its just part of my nightly routine. Any advice fo give?

    • Congratulations – and good luck!

      I haven’t told my kids, and I don’t plan to. There’s no reason for them to know.

      I might reconsider that if one of them is still wetting as a teenager. Knowing that it’s not the end of the world – that one can be a successful adult – might prove a comfort. (On the other hand, learning that one might be a bedwetter forever may not be so comforting.) Also, a teenager is more likely to keep the secret.

      However, it looks as though I’m not going to need to cross that bridge, as the two older kids have almost outgrown it, and the youngest is already having dry nights.

      As I’ve mentioned, the last thing at night – after the kids are in bed – I go to the bathroom, close the door and put on a pad. First thing in the morning, I go to the bathroom, close the door, take off the pad and throw it out. Nobody (including the kids) ever sees any of that.

      The kids often need attention during the night, of course, but pads and briefs are so thin and quiet that they’ve never noticed what I’m wearing under my nightgown.

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