Cloth 2

Emily completed her research project on reusable protection She saw the options as

  1. A pull-up or snap plastic pant over a pin-on or velcro cloth diaper, as I wore as a teenager.
  2. A PUL wrap over a cloth diaper.
  3. An all-in-one – a plastic pant with an absorbent lining sewn in.
  4. A pocket diaper – a plastic pant with a pocket to hold a cloth diaper.

I steered her somewhat based on my own experience.

She immediately rejected a pin-on or velcro diaper. It didn’t bother her that it was like a baby diaper. But it seemed inferior to the other options.

She initially liked the idea of an all-in-one. I steered her away from that. I had a pair in high school and liked it, but they are hard to dry and the plastic wears out before the sewn-in lining.

I have started wearing a PUL wrap (rather than a stretch pant) over the pad. (More on that in my next post), and I like that option. PUL is excellent – waterproof, but breathable, light and comfortable against the skin. The wrap holds the pad in place even better than the stretch pant, and catches the occasional leak.

However, Emily settled on the  Super Undies pocket diaper, because it was was simpler and held the diaper in place without pins or velcro. They fit well and completely contained her only accident so far.


6 thoughts on “Cloth 2

    • Yes, that’s a problem, isn’t it?

      I am using this PUL wrap. I’ve posted a more detailed review – and endorsement – here.

      I have also used the Freestyle lightweight brief. I like it almost as well. It has two drawbacks compared to the other: It only has one hook-and-loop fastener per side, and it is about twice as heavy.


      [edited to refer to new post, 2014/10/14.]

  1. Hi Cat, I really like your blog. Please keep up the good work. Even though I’m struggling with incontinence since a year, I do recognise many struggles and challenges you describe. For me it’s a continuous search for the best solution, to the best approach how to handle it and to give it a place in life. You helped me a lot with your blog. Please keep up the good work! Regards Bob.

  2. Hi, Francisco here. My sister also deals with bedwetting and we recently took a trip to Australia and she found some really good reusable products there that she says are better than ones that she’s found here in the US. The brand is called Conni. Now she swears by them. I don’t know if they’re sold here but you can order them online.

    • Thank you, Francisco.

      I have followers in Australia. Even if the Conni products are not available here in the States, your pointer may be helpful to them.


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