PUL Wrap

While I have posted on the products that I use to manage my bedwetting, I haven’t explicitly endorsed any. Until now.

When I travel, I wear a plastic pant over the stretch panty and Tena Night Super pad that I wear every night. In the past, it’s been a lightweight, waterproof, pull-on nylon pant, which is compact and easy to rinse off and dry.

I have had lined PUL wraps for many years. I hadn’t used them as much as the pull-on pants. I thought that the pull-on would be less likely to leak out the side. (I’m a side-sleeper.) I also thought that they would not be as easy to quick-clean and dry as a nylon pant.

On a trip this spring, I tried the PUL wrap instead of the nylon pant. I (correctly) expected some hot nights. PUL is breathable, so I thought (correctly) that it would be more comfortable than the nylon pant. I was on a multi-city trip, and forgot the stretch panty in my hotel. For the rest of the trip, it was a pad directly under the PUL wrap. That was as comfortable as wearing a stretch panty with no plastic pant at all.

It was a revelation. PUL is apparently the material of choice for baby diaper covers, and I can see why. It is waterproof but breathable, light and comfortable against the skin. The wrap I used was lined with something called “alova suede“, a microfiber that is even nicer than cotton against the skin. The wrap holds the pad in place even better than the stretch pant, and catches – and holds – the occasional leak.

I now wear the PUL cover every night, without a stretch panty. The wraps I use are from a company called Dependeco, which sells them on eBay. Dependeco also sells a PUL all-in-one (a pant with an absorbent liner sewn in), a PUL pocket diaper (a cover with a pocket for a pad or soaker) and other reusable items.

I can’t endorse these wraps too highly. I’ve had a number of leaks (some fairly substantial) from the pad, but none have made it past the wrap. They are wonderfully comfortable, light and breathable. The cut and the double hook-and-loop fastening make them feel as though they were tailored for me. They have some stretch, too, so they hold the pad close to the skin without constricting.

They are also amazingly durable and undemanding. I have been machine washing and drying them at least once a week with the regular cottons, with no apparent wear.

The customer service is also exemplary. The owner has responded quickly to my questions. She apparently makes the wraps to order, but they ship the same or next day. They are reasonably priced for such an excellent and durable product.

This may be the most satisfactory product I have used in 20ish years as a bedwetter.

The eBay page for the wrap is



9 thoughts on “PUL Wrap

  1. Thanks for endorsing and posting a non fetish link!

    Where have these been all my life (or at least the past 10 or so years)?

    No more yeast infections from unbreathable nylon pants. I know this is sort of a gross question but do you have any advice on preventing yeast infections and UTIs with protection? I get several yeast infections and UTIs a year. I saw a urogynecologist and he couldn’t find any obvious cause other than horomonal fluctuations with my cycle. He put me on the pill six months ago and that just made things worse. He also reccommended going without protection, but there’s no way I’m doing that.

  2. Hi Cat,
    The right incontinence material is important for a good state of mind. I placed an order at the proposed supplier for a pocket diaper as I want to use next to disposable diapers some cotton ones as well. My package is in the mail but I have to admit that the response by email is very impressive. As my wife is doing the washing I informed her on my intentions. She understands it and is willing to do some extra washing if needed. Let’s see if this helps me to become less insecure regarding this little inconvenience.
    Regards Bob.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog during a sleepless night. I, like you, have struggled with facing the issues of enuresis and incontinence for years. At 30 years old, I’ve come to acknowledge that medical science can’t answer all questions. I’ve felt alone in this problem for years. Although my wife supports me, and looks at my problem as just part of who I am, being a young guy in diapers still makes me feel..well, odd. I read your blog entries, and they really cheered me up. I could relate to almost everything you said. The thick cloth diapers (my night time fix) to using molicare pads inside attends diapers.

    God Bless, and happy holidays!

    • Patrick:

      Thank you.

      I am glad to be of some help. I’m also glad that you have the support of your wife, and that you can cme to terms with this.

      It is odd, isn’t it? Based all the correspondence I get, I think it may not be as odd as we think. But it is a private problem, and isolating because of it.

      Best of luck, and God bless her, too.

  4. Exams are finally over! Like patrick said, thanks for making people like us feel less ostracized. Not many grad students wear diapers but I read your blog when I feel isolated by my bedwetting. Merry Christmas

  5. I forgot to mention in the last comment, I got into a car accident on Saturday and now I’m leaking urine during the day. I went to the doctor and I’ll hae to go through lots of tests. Sigh it’s a never ending battle

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  7. I realize you’ve left stopped this blog and that this post is even far older than that, but I thought I’d still throw this out there in case anyone is still reading. I finally had occasion to try what I believe is the same product as the “lightweight, waterproof, pull-on nylon pant,” you referenced above, Cat. I think Babykins finally started selling these directly as well as providing them to CTDC for resale.

    Anyway, the taffeta pant from KINS seems to work quite well for me. I’m surprised at how light it is. I don’t wear cloth products that often so I’m not sure I’ll be giving it the use that others may see with it, but so far it seems like a nice product.

    Also, as an aide: Cat, thank you for all the years you wrote this blog. It really helped me to read about another normal, functioning adult who deals with these kinds of issues as a matter of course.

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