As I’ve mentioned, standard bedwetting medications have not been effective for me. My wetting has a cause that the medications don’t address.

My doctor had a thought about a drug that treats a related problem. It doesn’t typically have adverse side effects, other than that it can make one drowsy if combined with more alcohol than a couple of glasses of wine. I don’t drink much, so that shouldn’t be a problem. So I’m trying it on a low dose.

So far, no change. But she says it may take a week or two.


3 thoughts on “Medication

  1. Hi Cat good luck with medication, it’s hard to know whether to take medication or not, they usually malke me feel unwell so I don’t take anything at all for bedwetting. Hope you get on well with this and it works for you :)

    • Thank you!

      So far, no side effects. These aren’t the usual bedwetting medications, and they aren’t supposed to have any side effects other than drowsiness.

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