Quiet Time

I haven’t posted in a while – Just two posts in the last six months, and those on my new medication. I had thought that I had said just about everything I had to say, so I was just going to quit posting.

I’m surprised that I get several hundred viewers a day, even though I haven’t been posting. Clearly, there’s interest in what I have to say.

I have a few things I want to post about:

  • Some correspondence that I’ve had with readers who raise issues of more general interest. (Don’t worry, I won’t identify you!)
  • What’s happening with me. (Still wetting, alas!)
  • What’s happening with my kids. (Still wetting, alas!)
  • Some informal research I’ve done on attitudes toward bedwetting.

My schedule is very busy (the other reason I haven’t posted. But I’ll try to post more often over the next few months.

And thank you for following me! I hope that I have been helpful.

And please, write me! I’d like to help you, and perhaps your questions might provoke me to post.


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