My kids

Emily1 is a ridiculously responsible, intelligent and confident 14-year-old. She is a good athlete. She gets straight A’s. She complains about her little brother and sister, but is protective of them. I talk to her as an equal.

Jake is 10. He’s the opposite of Emily (other than that he’s as smart as she is). He’s a free spirit. He’s forgetful and irresponsible to the point of exasperation. If he didn’t have a guardian angel in Emily, I’d be at wits’ end trying to protect him from the things he forgets and the silly things that he does. I wish he had some of Emily’s responsibility, and she had some of his crazy creativity.

Megan is 8. She is as cute as a button. She has a (harmlessly) mischievous streak that Jake encourages. She thinks that she can charm her way out of anything. She probably could, if Emily and I were not impervious. (J, to my fury, pretends to be taken in by it.)

[updated 20 Oct 2015]

1 Not their real names.


3 thoughts on “My kids

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