Advice for Parents

I’ve seen this from three sides — as a teenage girl who suddenly started wetting the bed, as the mother of three children who wet the bed, as the sister of a five chronic bedwetters.

My Mom handled this wonderfully. She was strict and conservative. But she was calm, tolerant and compassionate — and immensely practical. What I learned from her (with links to more detailed posts):

Absolutely, positively do not 

  • punish
  • humiliate
  • scold
  • express frustration

It’s completely counterproductive. It only makes a child anxious and afraid, and stress will lead to more bedwetting. Trust me; I speak from experience:

Nobody wants to be in a wet bed! 

It’s about as unpleasant as anything can be, and cleaning it up isn’t much better.


3 thoughts on “Advice for Parents

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I think your posts will be very helpful for those who experience bedwetting and don’t know how to cope with it. I completely agree that people should not be punished for wetting the bed because it’s simply not their fault; they can’t help it. I look forward to reading your posts in the future!

  2. Dear Cat,

    Thanks so much for your blog. it is encouraging to see someone who is so upfront and honest.

    I personally experienced much of what you have gone thru and often thought I was the only 5-10 yo who wore cloth diapers. The times were changed and the names were changed to protect the guilty. But seriously at age 5-6 I started to wet my bed after my parents divorce. Fortunately somehow my mom was understanding and treated me with respect. I was taken to a doctor for a horrible exam that showed nothing wrong and suggested that I would soon outgrow the problem.

    My bed already had a rubber sheet on it with a cotton pad but the mess was a constant chore.

    One evening my mom suggested that we should try diapers, she explained it would be our secret and no one would know. She explained how much it would help her and that I would be more comfortable. A long story short I wore diapers for the next 5 years. I believe it was our secret and few if any knew about my issue. It was no easy task but it was something I gradually accepted and know it made things easier for mom. I feel lucky that my mom was so understanding at a time when many were humiliated for the same issues.

    Thanks again for sharing and letting some of us realize we were not freaks.

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