Last post

This will be my last post.

I will leave the blog up. It must be filling a need. Even though I haven’t posted regularly in over a year, the blog gets a few hundred views a day.

The most views, by far, are of “My spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend wets the bed”, posts on products I use, and advice (particularly dating advice) for bedwetters. When I started the blog, I hoped it would be a (calming) resource for parents of bedwetters, but that seems not to be the case.

As a final note, the medication I have been taking has helped significantly. I go weeks between wet nights, and on average am only wet one or two nights a month.

I am still highly satisfied with the Tena Night Super Pad in a Dependeco PUL cover.

Thanks for dropping by. Please feel free to contact me or comment on posts.

I may not check that email very often, so don’t be dismayed if I don’t respond to a contact message or approve a comment right away.




The medication I’m taking seems to be having an effect. I’ve only wet three times in the last month, and only once in the last two weeks.

The doctor says it’s unlikely that I will stop wetting altogether. As I wrote before, an occasional accident might be more irritating than chronic, nightly bedwetting.

I might also re-think what I wear. I’m certainly going to keep wearing something – I don’t want to wake up in a wet bed (or have my husband wake up in a wet bed), even if it is only once a month or even once a year. But I don’t really like the idea of throwing away a dry pad every morning.

I don’t love the idea of cloth – I’ve been there before – but it seems a better option. My daughter chose cloth when her wetting was down to the occasional accident. She (and I) have been satisfied with that program. I’ve been using a PUL pant over a disposable pad for some time. Replacing the disposable pad with a cloth diaper (or one of my daughter’s pocket diaper inserts) seems a logical choice.


As I’ve mentioned, standard bedwetting medications have not been effective for me. My wetting has a cause that the medications don’t address.

My doctor had a thought about a drug that treats a related problem. It doesn’t typically have adverse side effects, other than that it can make one drowsy if combined with more alcohol than a couple of glasses of wine. I don’t drink much, so that shouldn’t be a problem. So I’m trying it on a low dose.

So far, no change. But she says it may take a week or two.