Why this blog?

Enuresis — wetting the bed — has been part of my life, on and off, since I was a teenager. It’s private; I don’t discuss it with friends. But a blog lets me write about it privately in public, so to speak. Maybe what I have to say will help somebody cope.

It doesn’t interfere with normal life. I have a great husband and great kids. I have a successful career in a demanding profession. I have honors college and graduate degrees from top universities.  I have great friends. I travel the world.

It is just not a big deal. It is embarrassing. It requires extra space in a suitcase. But it doesn’t mean anything about maturity or intelligence.

How many of life’s problems can be solved by tossing something in the trash?


3 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. Refreshingly frank blog entry. I am curious, how do you deal with it on a night to night basis? Seems like a lot of laundry and I would guess your husband doesn’t embrace [it]?

    [Comment edited by Cat]

  2. Same here I use tena pants and for the most part the bed stays dry. I have a kylie under the sheet and a waterproof mattress cover just in case.

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